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My name is Bianca.

I love cooking; it’s my passion. As a child, growing up with an Italian and Lebanese background, I was often exposed to cooking. I would watch my grandmother cook and prepare wonderful meals, never using recipes and sometimes improvising by using only what she had on hand.

Having family meals together was always very important. Cooking for and dining with family was a way of expressing love and caretaking, while providing nourishment.

I am carrying on my family’s food traditions. I enjoy cooking for family, friends and anyone who wants me to cook for them. It gives me immense pleasure to know people enjoy my food.

My specialty is eclectic cooking.  I enjoy cooking many different types of foods, from traditional to fusion, creatively combining unique flavors and ingredients using influence and inspiration from my background to produce delicious homemade meals that warm your soul.

To me, cooking with love is the heart of any great meal.

Let me bring my creations to you.

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